Converting to centreboard

I'm just in the process of converting Red Kite from daggerboard to centreboard. Why, I hear you ask! I sail a lot in very shallow waters and I kept on hitting the daggerboard against underwater obstructions. The last time, I managed to split the daggerboard case open, so I had to remove it. I thought about converting Red Kite to centreboard, but had no idea where to start. I watched David Sumner's excellent YouTube videos (search YouTube for Mirror Cruising) and noticed that he had converted his Mirror. I wrote to him and he very kindly sent me some plans showing how he did it. I will try to post some photos here if I am allowed to, showing the different stages. At the same time I decided to replace the tape on the outside of the hull. I was shocked how easily it came away in my hand! I will try to post some photos and comments asap. I would love to hear from anyone who has undertaken this before.
Best wishes,
John Booth
Red Kite 53814