OK...so I've discovered that Mirrors are a bit like chocolate chip cookies...you can never stop at just one. I bought #52019 a long time back and found she needed a LOT of work which is happening slowly, but I needed a tender for my cruiser, so I found #63889 which was languishing under a tarp in Vancouver Washington. 52019 has a bad hull and a great rig, 63889 has a good hull and a bad rig. Seems like a match made in heaven so I'll sail 63889 while I work on 52019.

Guernot...can you please add me to the Roll Call (Doug Marshall is the real name...Hugh MacD is a nom de plume that I write under). With that said, it'll be another month before I can do anything with ether boat but when I can I'll review posting pictures.

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Hello Doug,
One never stops learning! I never realised there was a Vancouver in Washington. Is that a district of Portland or does it count as a distinct town?
It's interesting to see that quite a few US Mirrors are being re-deployed after years of disuse and abuse or just being forgotten in garages and barns. But then the Unites States are a huge country.
I see you are also active in the Wooden Boat forum. There have been some very long threads there about folks fixing Mirrors.
Shall I put your nom de plume or your full name down as "Owner"?
Rigs generally seem to outlive the hulls, that's why one occasionally bumps into other dinghies sailing with a Mirror rig, particularly cheap plastic boats which originally came with inefficient sails or odd rigs.
Anthony Chadwick uses one of these to go dinghy cruising (ttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBt2evHlE6Q1tvbkdceT5NQ) .
Looking forward to seeing action pictures ;-{) .