16th Norm Blanchard W.O.O.D. Regatta April 25 & 26, Seattle, USA


This two days event in Lake Union attracts casual racers of all levels sailing boats made of wood as well as those traditionally made of wood. I've participated in the past sailing a Lightning and a Beetle Cat, boats that are part of CWB's livery. This year I plan to sail my recently (and still in process) restored Mirror Dinghy 50361 and would love to meet anyone in the area for a friendly meet-up. I am a volunteer sailing instructor at CWB and it's a great organization on Lake Union. Lake Union is a small urban lake with in walking distance of downtown Seattle.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.


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As there is not a 100% overlap with other social media platforms, I've taken the liberty of copying your post to the Facebook group "People who love Mirror Sailing Dinghies".
I suppose the event is adequately publicised on the Wooden Boat forum and Small Boats magazine to attract any Mirrorists who may be readers of those channels.
Thank you for drawing our attention to the event!