Mirror 45145


Hi, one more for the roll call:
No. 45145
'Dire Straits'
located on the Tamar River, Tasmania, AUS
Owner; John de Graaf
bought and refurbished in 2011, purchased off a local family who had it for many years, currently not raced or in a club.


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We hope you find our site useful and informative.
It's good to see that another vintage boat is being used.
Have fun sailing her, I suppose your season will end soon, or are you a hardy "winter"-sailor ?
Gernot H.

P.S. currently out of town and so the roll call will not be updated immediately.

Mirror No: 32323
Herne Bay, Kent, UK.
Purchased as a project in 2019 after being shut away for too long.
Refurbishment due to be completed April 2020 then seeking a new owner to sail her.