My name is Geoff. I live in the Limosan area of France near lake vassiviere a large man made lake that has a perimeter trail of thirty six kilometers. So plenty of water. I am sixty seven years old and hope I am still nimble enough to duck the boom. Haha. Three years ago I retired from being a full time liveaboard sailor on a thirteen metre ketch
I recently bought a mirror dinghy no 1320. Built in 1964 by an R. W. Wilson. It came with photos, the build log and the book:Sailing the Mirror by Roy Partridge.
At the moment she is in the barn undergoing a paints trip and small repair refurb but I hope to sail her this summer and perhaps do some dinghy camping. I so miss being on the water
Am reading through the posts with all their tips and advice. Thank you all for your contributions

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Welcome a-online at the Mirrorists' hideaway.
I'm glad you found the way here.
I get the impression that there are a lot more small-craft events in France than anywhere else in Europe, and there are several Mirror dinghy sailors who participate in these frequently. Look into the Roll call for boats with home country "France". Age is no reason to shun small boats as long as you can still duck under the boom, as you noted.
My favourite proof document is the story of Tony Clee's voyage from the Scilly Isles (see our Documents page). I was 68 when I sailed around Rügen with two other boats (shown in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfWEUnwlEJc&list=PLf361BnuGMUbEiRlGAQ9ME... ).
So I hope you enjoy the boat once they allow you out again!
May I add your boat to the Roll Call? If so, stating your whole name, just "Geoff" or just your user name "Crowe" ?
Gernot H.

Thank you.
You may add me to roll call as Geoff. I am a cruiser not a competitive sailor.