Find it fix it flog it

Find it fix it flog it
Anyone see this on More 4 this morning? Mirror 529 got a sanding and lick of paint,looked fantastic.
Or anyone here own it?

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What is More 4, please?
Does it provide access to past broadcasts?
Hope you are well !
Gernot H.

Is a television station under the Channel 4 English stations.4oD Catch Up is the app.I don't know if it is available outside the UK.I'm not in the UK so have never looked for it
Only reason I saw it is because of the lockdown

PuffinInTegel's picture lets me go right through the registration process and then tells me that I'm not allowed to watch it (episode 8) from outside the UK and Rep. of Ireland.
Do you mean to say that you've found an app that will let you side-step this control mechanism?
I hope the boys did a decent restoration job and didn't sell a boat with rot under a new coat of paint !
Gernot H.

The app can be downloaded from Google Play and the Samsung App store I think.I'm not big into techie stuff.
From what they showed,it was sanded back and given a couple of coats of white paint and varnish.It looked very tidy.
Stay safe, cheers,

Downloading the app won't help. I've never seen decent instructions on how to do it, and I suspect it costs too much to be worth bothering just for the odd programme, but a VPN allows you to pretend to be browsing the web from a country you aren't in and would get round the regional block. However, I'm sure you can imagine the boat being painted and varnished without seeing it anyway.

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Actually my interest was more due to the fact that I am always looking for alternative ways of watching English-language TV - apart from Youtube. The fact that we've lived in a German-language environment for so long has led to my wife and me slipping into a sort of private in-between language, a bad habit.
I appreciate that this is the way languages develop but I do try to cultivate both "real" versions of English and German.
The Beeb's restrictive policy on where and how its programmes can be seen via the WWW is in strange contrast to its former policy on radio broadcasting. I have been able to watch the German public broadcasting channels' newscasts, in contrast to the BBC, on a browser window on my notebook in all countries I've been in up to now. Only the football match scenes are blanked out because of the broadcasting rights having been sold to private enterprises.
However it's not an existential issue, it's mainly me trying to satisfy my curiosity and have some entertainment ;-{) .
Cheers; I hope all contributors (and lurkers) are avoiding the plague successfully!
Gernot H.