Roll call addition 1412


Hi Gernot,
Here’s another Mirror Dinghy for roll call:

Hull number: 1412
Name: N/a
Country: UK
Owner: Cope Family
Crew: Mel, Andy & George
Town/Club: Old Coulsdon, Surrey.
Built by: William Jones Esq., 105 Nightingale Road, Carshalton, Surrey.

Comments: My Grandad built this Mirror Dinghy in the 1960’s and my mum remembers going sailing in it as a little girl. It had been stored in my Nans garage for years until we inherited it and it is currently undergoing repairs to the hull.

Best regards,

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There's a number very close to your boat's number, 1418, on teh roll call. Perhaps that was a good batch of boats !
I'm collecting a few more numbers before I settle down to the next update session. "Puffin" is still waiting for some TLC and I need to start sanding ;-{).
Gernot H.