Need Advice - Adding a block to boom for mainsheet


I have a Mark 2 Mirror (1972) and am looking at making some small improvements without ruining the classical look and feel of the boat.

One of the elements I want to change is replacing the ‘eye’ at the end of the boom with a block to make controlling the main sheet smoother.

Has anyone any thoughts on how this is best done and whether it is worth the effort? I would also be interested in the specifics of materials needed to do this: block size/type and how it is attached to boom etc.

Would appreciate any help/opinions.


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Welcome a-online! I hope you find our Mirrorist meetingplace useful.
I'm surprised that you do not have a block, the eye is actually just there for shackiing a block in place. I wouldnt take a block with a sheave diameter smaller than 2.5 mm / 1" , and it should match the diameter of your sheet, too.
I now roll my main around the boom as a form of reefingin really strong wind conditions and so I use a swivel shackle for the block.
Look at the scene around 1:25 into my video to see the original arrangement with a simple shackle on the boom. It also shows the type of block I have. I assume these were supplied with the kit (I bought the boat second-hand).
Just searching for Mirror dinghy in Youtube will lead you to hundreds of videos that are more or less useful as rigging guides. If you have a Facebook account, there are several groups of Mirror enthusiasts who are also willing to help. I also co-administrate the group "People who love Mirror Sailing Dinghies" on Facebook. The disadvantage there is that topics are not in thread form and information gets difficult to find later on.
Gernot H.

Danke Gernot!

That video was very useful. I have the original Bell Woodworking Manual and basic sailing instructions that came with the Mk 2 kit. It actually explains the rigging as I have it without any blocks! Simple and somewhat effective.

I can see from your setup a block also on the transom - I had not thought of this.

I will look to get two appropriate swivel blocks for my main Sheet.

Thanks so much!

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Glad to be of assistance.
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