Roll Call addition and Update


Sail number 70069 now has a name and is called Mjölnir

I also now own 69972 which is called Sundance.

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I hope you realize that Mjölnir is a very popular icon of the far-right and neonazi scene in mainland Europe, especially in Germany.
No that I object to Nordic mythology.
I've updated the roll call accordingly,
Gernot H.

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Gernot, Please update the roll call with this new information for my Mirror 20647.
Thank you,

HULL NO: 20647
HELM/OWNER: Rock Taber
CREW: Catherine Taber
CLUB/TOWN: Atlanta, Georgia USA.
REMARKS/COMMENTS: This past August (2020) I acquired Mirror #20647 which was built in 1969.
Still in good sailing condition hull 20647 was originally named 'C-Lark', and was built by a Mr. Jack W. Clark of Mansfield, Ohio USA in 1969. 'C-Lark' was sailed/raced on Charles Mill Lake with Mohican Sailing Club in Mansfield where Clark was member of the US Mirror Class Association and Commodore of Fleet No 6 of Mohican Sailing Club. Mr. Clark is listed as taking 2nd place in 1977 for Fleet 6. 20647 was subsequently sailed by son Chad Clark also of Mansfield OH and was raced in the Mirror Nationals, Wood Hole, Mass. USA 20-23 June, 1985. From existing records I seem to be her 4th owner/caretaker.

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Hello Rock,
I certainly shall update the entries for your boat. That's an impressive history. Not many people who sail older dinghies which they have bought have such detailed data!
Thanks for the information.
Gernot H.

Our Mirror is 59659, named 'Terrapin'. has not been on the water since 1998. But maybe next year (2021)

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Welcome to the forum!

I'd be happy to add "Terrapin". Would you send me the details, please? You can click on my nickname here and use the contact function if you prefer. Remember that we are an international organisation ...