Mirror 70108


Mirror dinghy in fantastic condition.
Wood version built in 2002. Raced until 2008 and then put into storage until I bought it in February this year.
I have now taken ownership of a Wayfarer so this Mirror has to go.

Red paint work to the hull and the varnished topsides are in great condition.

Crisp sails + a spare set that came from another mirror.
2 x masts 1 Aluminium. 1 x wood
2 x booms
Laminated centre board
over cover
All rigging in excellent condition
Launching trailer.
Road trailer
£1600 ono

My beautiful Mirror is not going anywhere :-))

PuffinInTegel's picture

Out of curiosity -- have you just changed your mind or have you found space for both boats?
I have two boats too, the "big" one (5.2 m) for the whole family and outings with friends and the Mirror as mostly my private toy. I hope that one of my grandchildren will adopt the Mirror however, when I finally give up or step into the box.
Gernot H.

I changed my mind because the Mirror is so quick to launch on the lake for a quick sail or row.
The Wayfarer takes a bit longer with setting up the launching winch at the club.

Next year my plan is to use the Mirror and wayfarer at the club with outings to the lake district and coast with the Wayfarer. I am so much more comfortable in the Wayfarer but I do like to have a gentle row in the Mirror.

Also, it only costs me another £60 per year to keep an extra boat at the sailing club.

Kind regards,

PuffinInTegel's picture

As the "big" boat is quite heavy, having a keel stuck to the bottom, she cannot be launched in a jiffy and so when she's on the dry for Winter, she's on the dry ! In past yers, I've sneaked out on the lake with "Puffin" when I found the weather inviting enough. As I wrote somewhere, my younger son and I even went out sailing on Christmas day in 2015. It was ~ 13° C and we live only 10 minute's drive from where the boats are normally kept.
Having dragged my feet on the paint job, I shall probably have to do without that convenience this winter.
Gernot H.