Electric Outboard Engines

Does anyone have experience with using an electric outboard engine on a Mirror. Good, Bad, what type and power etc.

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I believe that several people in the Facebook group have discussed / tried electrics. It really depends on whether you are going cruising or fishing (longer motor trips against currents/tides) or just messing about on a local lake (short periods). The weight/operating hours relationship of electrics is nowhere near that of a reasonable small two-stroke or four-stroke engine, IMHO.
To get you home on a smallish lake when the wind dies, (I guess) a low-cost trolling motor and a lead/acid gel battery would be sufficient. Torquedos are easier (integrated battery) but expensive.
That being said, I've refused to consider putting an engine on my Mirror, although I do have a 3 hp Tohatsu 2-stroke that pushes my 5.2 metre long daysailer quite comfortably. But even that is almost exclusively used for getting in and out of the mooring dock.
Gernot H.