Newest post at the top?

Hi Gernot, I wonder if it might be a good idea to rearrange posts on the forum so that the most recent post is on top, rather than at the end of the string? Some of the strings are quite long and require a lot of scrolling down, past posts which are, in some cases, years old. What do you think?
....And a Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year to you too, John!
I fear that I am not smart enough to tweak Drupal to do this. The "oldest first" order is normal in forum discussions and personally I prefer it anyway. I have problems reading blogs as one often drops on a blog somewhere in the middle and then have to scroll backward - one doesn't normally start reading a book in the last chapter or in the middle - or do you?
I realise that the problem is different for people who are following the blog or thread from day one. Most forums do have a function similar to "view first unread post" in a thread (have you tried the Wooden Boat Forum?) but the standard Drupal module does not provide this, I'm afraid, and my software skills ar inadequate to allow me to add such a feature.

OK. No probs.