Roll call addition


I would like to add my Mirror to Roll Call.
Number: 52053
Country: USA
Owner: Ed Quinn
Town: Springfield
History: Built around 1977 by my Uncle Jack and his friend Al in Dayton. They sailed at Indian Lake, Logan County. We’ve had it since mid-1980’s and sailed for pleasure around the Dayton area.

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It is good to hear that more of the original Mirror dinghy fleet of Ohio has survived than I'd thought. I gave away my old mainsail for cost of postage to someone in Ohio quite a few years ago, so if you do meet 62816 on a lake some day, it's not me or my boat.
Happy sailing in 2021!
Gernot H.

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Hello Ed, in analogy to Eddie Izzard's sketch "do you have a flag?" ( I have to ask "does she have a name?" . But you can have an entry even if she hasn't got a name ;-) .
Gernot H.

My mirror doesn't have a name.
I'll have to ask my Uncle if they ever thought about giving her a name.
Thank you,

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As you can see, there are hundreds of nameless Mirror dinghies around !

Following post please add ..4770 Snoopy ... Liverpool ,Liverpool Sailing Club owner Kenneth Johnson 16 07 45 about only 20 years older than the Mirror