Preparing the old Mirror for cruising - leeboards, chine runners etc

Hello to all,

I am getting ready to do some major modifs/repairs on my old Mirror (#14309). I have been following David (curlew) on his Youtube channel and I am planning to copy many of his great modifications.
( David hope you have no objections :))
I will be removing the daggerboard & box and installing two lee boards instead. Also I am planning to add "chine runners" to serve also as the lee board supports - to have them vertical and not just parallel to hull sides.
I wonder if anyone ever attempted to use lee boards on Mirror. For chine runners, see Matt Laydens Paradox micro cruiser ( see here ).
My goal is to have a small dinghy capable of longer trips which will be ready all the time, when using my "big" boat (Vivacity 20) would not be practical or possible.
Any comments. tips or suggestions are more than welcome.
I will do my best to provide links / some photos as soon as I start the work.
cheers to all,

This I must see! Sounds very interesting. I look forward to seeing the photos.
Red Kite M53814

I've been wondering if chine runners woul be sufficient to dispense with the daggerboord without adding leeboards?