USA Mirror on offer in South Dakota


On 16 March 2021 David L. Pfahler wrote the following message on Facebook "People who love Mirror Sailing Dinghies"
I have a Mirror Dinghy built by my Father in the late 60’s I believe. I have sailed it off and on over the years but I am past my sailing days unfortunately. This boat is sound with all the original equipment. Two years ago I added a fresh coat of marine varnish, repainted the hull and replaced the trailer. Here’s my problem. I continue to pay for storage and I live in central South Dakota. This is boat country but not Mirror country. There is no market other than an oddball like myself. I would like to find a good home for a good boat. I don’t suppose there are members in the USA looking for one of the old standards? If not I am considering donation to the local Boy Scout Council, but I suspect that even there it would be one boat among many, stored outside and requiring a little more tender care.
Anyone interested in acquiring the boat (there was no mention of a price or complimentary donation) wouldhave to contact the owner via Facebook, I'm afraid.


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David Pfahler has added the hull number and revealed the location.
Hull number is 21731 and it is located in Pierre, South Dakota. It was last out two years ago (2019, I assume) .

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David has posted some pictures now: