Sail and spars in Chester, UK


The following message appeared on the Facebook Group "People who love Mirror sailing dinghies" today, on 6 April 2021.
As there are often people looking for low-cost replacements and it's a give-away, I'm copying it here:
sail and spars
Shannon Lloyd-pepperell
first post in the group.
an hour ago.
Hi everyone , I found this in the attic of my new house.
The jeckells people have told me it’s at least 40 years old and from a mirror dinghy.
Does anybody want it before I let goes on the skip. Seems like a shame to just throw it away.
Collection from Chester if anyone wants it.


Please don't dump it.
Give people a chance to see this post and a chance to travel when this travel ban is lifted.
Where I live,we're not going to be allowed out of prison for at least another couple of months by the look of it

Dear Shannon, I would be happy to take these if they're still available? I live in Lymm, near Warrington, so could pick them up anytime. Let me know. That sail number suggests the boat was from 1971 approx!
Best wishes,