Mirror 9580


I sent a message, perhaps on the wrong forum, so forgive me if this is a duplication.
I have been sailing most of my life and raced El Toros, Lightnings, Lidos, Etchells, and more. I loved restoring and low-key racing an old El Toro recently. But the Mirror just seemed like a perfect design for me at this age. I purchased Mirror 9580 from a fellow who apparently was moving up to a larger boat. I'll be sailing it in Hood Canal, an arm of Puget Sound (Seattle area). I just finished prepping and painting the bottom and putting a trailer hitch on the dolly that came with it. I only have a very short distance from home to a launching ramp. I can't wait to get it in the water. I set up the Gunter rig in my back yard and for all my boating experience, still found it confusing. But no problem, I think I have it figured out now. I love that there is so much info on line, like here at this site. Jim Morrison, Hansville, WA

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I like it that you have been so quick to report the change of ownershio here. Seeing that you have provided your data, I've taken the liberty of entering it on the roll call. I haven't put the new edition on-line yet, though.
Welcome at the Mirrorists' international hangout.
Wishing you success and good luck with the upkeep/maintenance work and looking forward to seeing sailing/cruising reports.
Gernot H.

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Good sailing, Jim.