Seagull outboard

Hi everyone.

I have a seagull outboard with a recoil start that I am trying to fit to my Mirror. I am having a couple of problems fitting this when the boat is rigged. The first is not being able to push the tiller across when the engine is out of the water and folded onto the boat in the stowed position. The other is the lack of clearance between the rudder and the prop. I know I can lift the rudder out of the water and Steer it with the motor but I would rather keep the rudder down and sit further forward, using the tiller to steer the boat. Has anyone else had these problems and how did you overcome them?

Many thanks

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Sorry I don't have a Seagull to advise you but I have a Suzuki 2 stroke which works fine. It is mounted well to the port side and the rudder misses the prop provided the rudder is fully down.

Thanks for that. I'll see what I can do with the seagull. If not I will try and find one like yours. I have looked at pictures of your boat and I'm looking at some similar ideas for mine. Planning a trip from Langstone Harbour to Bembridge soon, hopefully!

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HI Jez
Going from Portsmouth to Bembridge tomorrow and returning to Chichester Harbour Sunday.
Get afloat soon as poss!!!

Enjoy! I will be on the water first thing in the morning hopefully. It'll be the first time I've done something like this in the mirror so I'm looking forward to it. It would be nice to see your boat sometime.

Had a fantastic sail across and back with a stop for lunch! Motor works well to get in and out of the harbour! Next time I'm going to stay overnight.

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Well done Jez. Thrilled for you.
WE sailed from Hardway SC at Portsmouth on 5 June, arriving at Bembridge marina this time. camped ashore, then back to Chichester Harbour on 6 June. Also fantastic conditions for sailing, broad reach coming back, just right. .

I'm going again for the day on the 24th or 25th. It would be good if there was a few of us going. I honestly enjoyed it and want to keep doing it now!