Reflections has been in my care about 6 years and has crossed the Medway from one club to another when I purchased her and back when I joined the vendor's club 2 years later. Before my tenure she was raced on her home creek, but I'm am determined to cross the Thames Estuary with her. I have been to the Maplin Sands, but not yet been ashore in Essex.
She is becoming a rat boat, I live 60 miles away and don't drive, I have meant to list her here for years but have always neglected to record her hull number.
I think she is about 1970s but would be curious to know roughly what year.

Hi Stephen, I think your boat is from 1970. My dad and I bought 26465 in January 1971 as a kit, so 1970 is about right.
Red Kite 53814

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Thanks John,
How long did yours last, I am amazed mine has survived 6 years in my care!