Standard Hull Area


I couldn’t find a figure for the area of the hull, which I am going to attempt to work out to a reasonable degree of accuracy and post here for posterity.

If anybody already has the figure then I welcome being pipped to the post!

On your marks…

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Perhaps someone has access to the plans (Pete Kaiser may have contacts to the Canadian who made kits for a while) can say how much plywood is required to make the kits. One could subtract the area of the frames and deck/cockpit sections from the total in order to get a rough figure of the hull area.
By hull area, do you mean the (normally) wetted surface, the outer area of the hull (bottom, sides, transom and pram bow) or the area including decks and cockpit interior?
Else some hard measuring and calculation work is required.
Just out of curiosity: why would one want to know?
Gernot H.