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Hi all,

Just bought a Mirror - last week. I've viewed, poked abound and asked the right questions, and I'm happy that the boat is a good buy.
Sadly I can't collect for another week or so, and didn't take a note of the number, but will report this when I have the boat.

I've never sailed a boat single-handed before, and only been on a boat with sails a few times. But I kayak, have had boats out to sea under outboard when I lived in the North-East of England, and have enough life-experience to know my limitations. I'm very much looking forward to learning how to sail with the Mirror.
Sailing a kayak downwind, using the paddle and my back to catch the wind is a good way to conserve energy in a strong breeze. A bit limiting though.

I did a lot of reading before deciding on a Mirror. Our sailing club instructor agrees with me that it's a good boat to learn on, which is encouraging. Nice-looking boat too. Ally mast at present, but I'll replace that with a wooden mast at some stage.

Thanks for reading.

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Glad to hear that you are joining the Mirrorist community.
I don't see why one should want to replace an aluminium mast with a wooden one unless the boat is really so old that a wooden mast would be necessary to complete the "vintage" look. That applies to Mark I hulls in particular, I suppose. But it's up to you to decide!
Gernot H.

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Thank you.

I thought ally for weekdays, and wooden for Sundays!
I'll be in touch once I've picked the boat up and have a number for the register.