A simple building slide show

For all who have not yet found this: a Mirror can be built without a complicated workshop (although a well-equipped shop always helps!)

see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEe8n4ML-P0


Gernot H.

I am trying to make a new aluminium mast for my boat but not sure what thickness of tube wall to use. Its hard to get 2mm thick but not sure if 1.6 is too thin and 3mm to thick. Does any body have any ideas?

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Class rules say nothing about wall thicknesses, I'm afraid.


Boats may have a gunter rig, comprising a gunter mast and a gaff, or a Bermuda rig,
comprising a Bermuda mast. Only one of these rig configurations may be used in any one
event of less than 14 consecutive days duration.
Gunter Mast
5.1.1 The overall length of the mast, including end fittings, if fitted, shall be not more than 3296mm.
5.1.2 The mast may be of solid unlaminated wood or aluminium alloy tube with wood end plugs.
5.1.3 The mast shall be circular in cross section between a point 50mm from the bottom end and a
point 130mm from the top end, except that hollows or cavities not more than 2mm deep shall not be considered an infringing of this rule.
5.1.4 The diameter of a wood mast shall be 50mm ± 6mm and the diameter of an aluminium alloy
mast shall be 50mm ± 3mm.
5.1.5 The mainsail halyard sheave shall be contained entirely within a slot cut in the centre of the
mast and the distance between the bottom of the mast and the bearing surface of the sheave
shall be not more than 3200mm.
5.1.6 The distance between the bottom end of the mast and the top edge of the boom shall be
669mm ± 10mm.
5.1.7 The weight of the mast including fixed fittings shall be not less than 2.7kgs.
5.1.8 The aft side of the mast shall be straight. A permanent set of not more than 15mm shall not
be considered to infringe this rule.
5.1.9 The peg on the bottom of the mast shall be on the centre line of the mast
and it shall not be possible for the peg to move in the mast step by mo
re than 2mm in any direction when the mast is raised
5.1.10 The spinnaker pole fitting shall project not more than 35mm.
5.1.11 Rigging may not be run inside the mast .