New Paint job

After my rather disappointing trip to Woudsend in the Netherlands in 2019, I parked Puffin in the driveway, intending to give her a new coat of paint.
One thing or another stopped me, put me off or I "didn't get around to it", untill this year.. In the meantime, a friend had already welded a new launching trolley for me, another grandchild was born and Covid ravaged the world, forcing lockdowns.
Anyway, this year I gave myself a kick in the posterior and finish my project. A black bottom turned upside down exposed to sunlight when car-topping is not the best for plywood, I believe, and puffins have a black coat and white bellies. Thus I have reversed the colour scheme accordingly. The "figurehead" was a whim, added for fun.
Past Friday, 08 October 2021, I was walking the dog and checking on the boathouse and our hut by the lake, but the breeze and Autumn sunshine tempted me to try taking Lucy the dog out for a first sail. She passed the test withour complaint. Luckily some freinds were out on their "barge" and took some pictures, so here's Puffin's new livery:
62816 new paint job
Autumn evening sailing
62816 evening sunlight
The setting sun lights up the scene
I hope this finish will hold for the next five years, at least.
Greetings from Berlin,

Gernot H.

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Hi Gernot,

Very smart!


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Looking great.