25001 - Braw Craw


Can we add Braw Craw to the roll call please?
We are the very proud new owners of Mirror hull number 25001 'Braw Craw' who joined our family today. She is a Bell built Mirror from circa 1971 and she has been with one family since she was built. She was bought new by a gentleman who was in the Royal Navy and part of the Mirror Class Association Committee. He reserved her hull number so her age and sail number are slightly out. She has a lovely race history and has travelled all over the UK competing with both him and subsequently his daughter. For the last couple of decades she has been lovingly cared for and stored safely in a garage. She is in original condition complete with all original parts and we are looking forward to a summer pottering about in her before a repaint and varnish over the winter.

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That's a real classic and I'm glad you are going to preserve her but also sail her. That's what boats are meant for!
What is her "home port" going to be?
I saw that someone on Facebook had reported owning 25000. There are not many older boats with consecutive hull numbers on the Roll Call yet. I shall ask whether that boat is still sailing / sailable and whether she can be added to the list as well.
Gernot H.

Thankyou for the warm welcome. She will remain a Scottish boat so she is heading south to the Solway Coast for the summer where she will spend the next few years pottering about and exploring some really beautiful beaches. It would be lovely to see her on the roll call beside 25000!

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I've entered "Braw Craw" but haven't obtained permission from the owner of 25000. Shall have to try finding the relevant post on Facebook. Unfortunately it's no that easy there, as the contributions are totally unsorted and users do not add the "topic" when they write a post.
Have a wonderful sailing season!
Gernot H.