Mirror Dinghy sail number 48455 for sale in Michigan, USA


I have fond memories of sailing in this boat with my Dad. He and my mother built the boat in our garage in the mid-70s and called it the Puzzle. Dad and I raced it for several years in Michigan and Ohio, though we never got the hang of it, and ended up with the Mirror Association's "Anchor Dragger" award in 1979, but it was still so much fun!

My father passed away in 2020, having not sailed The Puzzle in many, many years. I have all the pieces, all the sails, and all the sheets, and I would hate to have to scrap this boat after cleaning my dad's house out sometime in 2023, so I will accept any offer to buy The Puzzle. The Puzzle is located in Midland, Michigan, USA.

Contact me as follows:
Ms. Lian "Li" Flaningam-Ray
169 Joe Harris Ln
Cookeville, TN 38506
(931) 510-4028
Facebook: Li Ray

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I have taken the liberty of linking this to the Facebook group "People who love Mirror Sailing Dinghies".
That group is by no means reserved to actual Mirror sailors, but as the name implies, it is open to anyone who is a fan of these boats in some way or another.
In other words, you are welcome there too.
I do hope that The Puzzle will have a good new home. I'll put her in the Roll Call with your name but write "currently up for sale" in the remarks column. Let me know if you do not agree to this.
Gernot H.

I have received several requests for information about the Puzzle, and I regret not answering directly. I am still interested in selling the Puzzle, my price at this time is $500. About its condition, all I can say is that it has been stored on its side in a dry garage for many, many years. I THINK it has a weakness somewhere in the hull, but I don't know where or how bad it is. I will be concentrating on answering inquiries this week, so please have patience with me and thank you all for your interest.

Li Ray

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I'm writing this to let the news go higher in the "recent content" ranking!
Dear Li Ray ... let us know when you've sold the boat. Perhaps the new owners will agree to being registered in the Roll Call.

I will be returning to Michigan for 4 days, October 13-16. Any interested parties who are interested in looking at the boat, this will be the last time I will be in Michigan this year. The next time it will be available, will be in the spring of 2023 sometime.

Please contact me directly by phone or text: (931) 510-4028, or by email: ladyaleena2008@yahoo.com.

I don't want this boat to be lost to the mirror roll forever! Please help me?


Li Ray