Double-purchase Outhaul and Other Questions


I restored my Mirror this summer, but I'm still tweaking it.

1. Outhaul: I have the outhaul track system, but what's the best set-up for a dbl-purchase to make it easier for me to tighten the sail?

2. Sails: Are there any sources for sails in North America?

I'm based out of Ottawa, Canada and have two Mirrors (one complete, the other, half built). The challenge today is that there is no more producers of the kit in Ontario, and my sails come from Jeckells in the UK. They are in good shape, but when I ordered through TridentUK for some parts, it was a heavy price on the cost, shipping and duties.

TBH: If a North American dealer could get back into making the kits and sails, that would solve the issues.

There are some Mirrors still around Ontario, but I don't think there are many active members. I have no idea where the boats end up.

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I think it would help to let the sheet and kicker go to take pressure off the sail.

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North Sails are an international group and claim to be able to provide Mirror sails. I tried finding a price and shop offer on their web site, but had no success.
Perhaps you can establish contacts with the person who has the manufacturer's licence in Canada and ask whether it wouldn't be possible to obtain drawings of the parts you need so that you or someone else can make these parts. After all the licence applies to making kits for a complete hull with a registered unique number, not to individual hull parts. You could also enquire where the sails for the NA kits were made.
As to the double-outhaul: I don't think it's necessary on such a small rig as the Mirror's. If you're not racing, surely there is no necessity to control the foot of the sail with an accuracy of half an inch or so.
I have a double purchase on the tack end (downhaul, simply looped through the eye of the mainsail) and a single purchase on the outhaul track, with the jam cleats (green circles) mounted under the boom where I can reach them fairly easily:
tack and clew controls
Conventional downhaul and outhaul tack and clew controls on Puffin, 62816 (click right on picture and select "open graphics in new tab" to view in full size)
Gernot H.

Suggest Sail Rite in Indiana, USA. - EXCELLENT kits/pricing/advice. Have built several sails from them, highly recommend.