Replacing transom

I have been gifted an unwanted mirror. neglected for some time the transom ply and beam need to be replaced and some repairs to aft end of gunnels. keen to do the project and add to my little fleet of old timber boats see @the_ketch_indi on insta
Couple of questions:
1. best type of timber for the beam? - not concerned about racing weight.
2. thickness of ply? - have seen various i.e. 5mm or 6mm. how would a piece of 10mm marine ply go? only asking because I have some and thinking it will add strength?
3. thinking about a block for the pintle either inside aft tank or on transom? type of timber?
4. type of timber for gunnels?

I've read a few post on replace / repair transom that have been helpful. appreciate any more on these few questions and probs more to follow.



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When in doubt about materials, it helps to consult the class rules etc. In your case, the wooden Mirror dinghy material specifications. These are published on the web site:[22359].pdf
The other documents are all on the .../documents page too.
If you're not worried about racing and being class-conformant, use your boatbuilding experience and discretion.
I am not on Instagram so I have no access to the pictures, but your projects sound interesting.
Gernot H.