Test message

One of our members has reported problems posting items here.
I have written this just to attempt to recreate the situation.

What sort of items? Do you want someone else to start a test thread?

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Hi Gernot, that's interesting. I posted a message on my centreboard conversion thread yesterday, but it hasn’t appeared, so I’ve rewritten it. That second post seems to have appeared without any problems.
Rey best wishes to you, and Merry Christmas! Thanks for keeping the forum going.
John Booth

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Hi John,
It's possible that you just experienced one of the software's (rare) hiccups.
Although I have been installing the patches for this version of Drupal regularly, the developer commmunity recommends migrating to a new major release. I have shirked this task on the basis of "never change a running system" due to my "Halbwissen", but I suppose I'll have to take the plunge next year.
Wishing you and all readers and forum lurkers a wonderful Xmas Season and good health and enjoyable sailing in 2023 (and thereafter, of course)!
Cheers ... Gernot