USA --- Bethel, CT. Mirror free to a boatfixer


I have taken the liberty of copying this from the Facebook group "People who love Mirror Sailing Dinghies".
It was posted by Luke Dolman.
Luke Dolman
14 July 2023
Hi Folks - anyone in the North East USA (or further?) looking for an easy project Mirror?
I have a sky blue Mirror that last saw the water around 8 years ago. I sailed her to a handicap win at our club, but on the way home the trailer hit a massive pot hole and damaged the underside of the boat. It's a hole/crack in one side of the floor. Pretty classic cut-out-and-patch repair but I've got a lot of projects
The poor girl has been buried in the garage since. I've got two Mirrors and several other small craft, so with our kids long flown, we're unlikely use both again.
Other than the small area of damage she's in great condition for an old girl and has a full set of sails, spars, board, rudder, etc. I believe she's one of the original Ohio boats that were built around the Cleveland area in the ... '70s?
FREE to a good home (and anyone on this page is probably a good home!). I'm in Bethel, CT - PM me if you're interested. I've no photos at the moment but could take some at the weekend. Thanks!

I'd be interested!

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I'm not sure whether Luke looks in here frequently. Either write him a PM on Facebook or use the "contact" function to write him an e-mail (enter "LukeDolman" in the search box, search for users and then click on the user name - this gives you access to "content" and "contact" for that user).
Gernot H.