New mirror owners 38407 near Mönchengladbach

Dear all,
38407 is now in ownership. Fortunately it was in good condition and the owner before had stored it under dry and safe condition under his carport. I hope that a new paint was enough to get it on the water again.
As a father-daughter project it was a great experience working together.
The most important experience was that the result does not matter.
Of course it has to be watertight, but the surface does not need to be perfect.
The happiness of my daughter was more important.

Now we look forward to the first trial.

Kind regards

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So the German Mirrorists have acquired a new member. Welcome, hoping to hear how you get on!

Willkommen in der Gruppe!
Wir freuen uns auf die Erfahrungsberichte. Und vielleicht schaffen wir doch wieder mal ein Zusammentreffen*.
*wie 2018 : .

Gernot H.