Rigging guide - beginner is absolutely overwhelmed

Dear all,
I bought the boat without any explanation or experience in rigging up the boat.
I read the mirror book, investigated websites and watched some youtube videos.
But unfortunately I think that I did not understand the information and I cannot transfer the information to my version of the boaat.
Is there the possibility that I can show pictures of the parts and someone can help me to identify the position of the parts and the guidance of the ropes?

The year of construction of #38407 seems to be about 1974 and I am absolutely overwhelmed.

I do not know what to do.

Thank you very much for your attention.


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Hallo Klaus,
Vielleicht können wir die Probleme im Detail lösen, schrittweise. Also was ist das erste Problem?
Perhaps we can solve the problems in detail, one at a time. So - which is the first problem?
Dann können unsere Mitglieder entsprechende Lösungen vorschlagen bzw. Bilder oder Links zu passenden Bildern hier veröffentlichen.
Then members can point out relevant solutions and put up pictures or links to pictures.
Seid Ihr schon mit einer anderen Jolle gesegelt? Wenn nicht, wendet Euch mal an einen Segelklub in der Nähe, denn im Prinzip sind alle Jollen sehr ähnlich.
Have you ever sailed in a dinghy? If not, I suggest you get in contact with a nearby sailing club, after all, all dinghies are very similar in principle.
Cheers und Grüße aus Berlin,
Gernot H.