Bridle length

Can someone please let me know where in the rules the bridle length is stipulated.

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I suppose there are no specs apart from the distance between the attachment point on the transom and the actual mainsheet description:
1.7.5 The distance between the centres of the mainsheet
attachment points on the transom
Minimum Maximum
450mm 500mm

6.2.1 The type and material of running rigging and associated fittings are optional subject to
the following limitations:
(i) Main and jib halyards must be made fast on the mast below the gooseneck.
The main halyard may be tightened using a 2:1 purchase. No other
mechanical advantage may be used to tighten either halyard.
(ii) The mainsheet shall have a maximum of 5 turning blocks. The mainsheet or
turning blocks shall be attached to the transom, via the mainsheet attachment
points only, inside the cockpit adjacent to the thwart, or on the boom. If the
mainsheet runs along the exterior of the boom it shall pass through at least
one constraining loop or sleeve that does not protrude more than 50 mm from
the surface of the boom.
(iii) There may be one ratchet block for use in the mainsheet system only.

The distance between attachment points is the only criterion mentioned in the measurement form.
So it's up to you to find the optimum bridle length.
Gernot H.