Roll Call



I am the owner of 70724 "Captain Underpants" . On the role call she shows as a different name and owner and having competed at the Nationals in 2022. The boat definitely wasn't there (I've owned her since 2020) and she has never (to my knowledge) been owned by that person. Please can you delete that entry entirely and replace it with the Stewart Family at Netley Sailing Club. I see that information probably came from the nationals results for that year which means that person was sailing the nationals with my boat number!!!

Also, we have just also purchased 70832 "Revenge of the Smurfs". Please add to the role call as well.

Thank you


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Sorry about the error. In these cases I copy the data from published race results*. Is it possible that you or a former owner (if you aren't the first) had sold a set of sails to someone else?
Otherwise the race committee may have made a typo ;-) .

Thank you ever so much.
That is the only thing I can think happened!