Roll call 8662 and 48115


Hi, could you add mirror 8662 to the roll call please. It was built by my father JJ Allen in Leeds, UK in 1967 and sold around 1970 for £100. Current whereabouts unknown.
I have recently bought 48115 from a seller in Sheffield, builder unknown but barn stored for around 30 years. 48115 now lives in Leeds UK, and is having a light restoration.

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Welcome to the Mirrorist hideout!
The roll call is intended to list all Mirrors reported to be in existence and, preferably, still in use. At some later stage when people started writing about boats that have been scrapped and are known to be "dead", I added the "obituary" pages.
8662 is not on the record and so, as you say, its whereabouts are unknown and we have no way of knowing whether she is still around. I see that you have already entered your query on the UK Mirror Class Association Website and hope that you have some success.
I'll add 48115, does she have a name? And do I add your clear name as owner or just put in "Forum member "Derek"?
Gernot H.

Hi Gernot,
48115 is not named.
I would be happy to have my full name added as owner, thank you,
Derek Allen

Please add Mirror 66333 to the roll call.

66333 - "Sea Wyfe"
Erik Koehler
17610 Ridgewood Rd
Minnetonka, MN 55345