Breaking Mirror 14 sail #324 for parts. Anyone in southern England interested?


Hello everyone

The hull on my M14 has rotted beyond restorability so I have stripped all the fittings and disposed of the wooden remains.

I have two suits of sails (Holt, Musto and Hyde)with battens, mast complete with standing and running rigging including shroud plates mast step etc., alloy boom, spinnaker boom, rudder and tiller assembly, cleats, fairleads, jammers, sheets, and so on. Everything except bare hull, centre board, and traveller cross member.

I am hoping to move house soon so I need to get rid of the mast in particular which has been hanging in my garage for many years.

I have an old trailer but it's not roadworthy (tyres shot) so I've got to get rid of that too.

Is anyone interested? I'm in Buckinghamshire.


Just thinking out loud, I have a mirror 14 kit which has never been made. Has everything except for mast and boon etc. I could be interested in the mast and boom etc? What are they made of?