USA - #26717 for sale in Cleveland Ohio


Generally speaking, I don't copy offers from other platforms any more. But as Mirrors are no longer as readily available in the USA as in Australia, the UK and Ireland, I'm copying this from the Facebook group "People who love Mirror Sailing Dinghies".
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James J Boddy
Mirror Dinghy for Sale - Cleve-Ohio / Built by my Dad in 1972. Hate to sell it but it’s time. Very good condition. We put fiberglass on exterior of hull with white Gelcoat. (Never needs painting) stored in garage 100% of time.
Includes trailer and oars.
Very few hours on the water. Sails great!!

Mirror 26717 in Ohio

There are more pictures on the Facebook group pages and to contact the seller (James J Boddy), one would have to send him a personal message on Facebook.

Gernot H.