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Hi, my nephew has just inherited a mirror dinghy which is in ok condition. it seems to have all the right parts we just need some help getting them all together, seeing what needs upgrading / replacing. We then plan to join a club and get started! the boat is in the Heden bridge area but does have a road trailor. Do any of you know any clubs or of any individuals in the area who could help 2 novices get started and then advise on where to sail etc?
We need to be shown how to rig the boat as there does appear to be some bits missing! We both have limited dinghy experience but are very keen (once the boat is up to scratch!) to start sailing reguarly and hopefully racing too when we're ready. Any help/advice would be appreciated......

It is a Gunter boat too, sorry I forgot to add!

My advice is join a club now. You will get lots of invaluable help from other Mirror Dinghy sailors in the club.

Also look through this web site. There is a lot of information in it.


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Hello Martin and welcome on-line.
I google-mapped "Heden Bridge" but could not locate any place. As our membership (though not large at present) is spread all around the globe, it would be better to be more specific if you are looking for help or contacts in your vicinity.
Look at the rigging diagrams ( and ) to start with and then spend a peaceful evening looking at photos such as Rob Cruse's galleries of the World Championships in Australia.

Gernot H.

Did you by any chance mean Hebden Bridge area?

Like Gernot, I got no hits when I Googled Heden Bridge.


Hi all, thanks very much for the replies, my error, I did mean Hebden Bridge! it's nearest town is Halifax. We have spent a few hours trying to rig the boat from the diagrams but I think there must be some parts missing as it appears impossible (the boat is obvioulsy well used). I think the club is a great idea if anyone knows the nearest as I think we probably need to take the boat to someone who knows what they are doing for advice. Many thanks again for all your help......

Here is the link to the UK Mirror Dinghy Association.
You surely should be able to contact someone there who can put you in touch with a club near Hebden Bridge.


thanks all - I'm in touch with Hollingworth sailing club so hopefully we can get started soon. I am sure i will be back on line soon asking advice on finding spare parts :-).

It appears that Hollingworth Sailing Club is only about 30 minutes from you, so that's great.

I hope you keep us informed on your getting the Mirror ready for its first sail and your enjoyment thereafter.