Daggerboard box

Hi All,
I am restoring my mirror (named Little Apple) and have a question for the forum. The hull around the daggerboard box had been filled and patched a number of times before she came to me. I am currently doing a quick restoration (as there is no damage or holes and she was pretty much water tight and only in need of a bit of a spruce up and a new coat of paint).

Upon close inspection I realised that all of the fibreglass tape, epoxy and fillers around the daggerboard box were cracked and lifting so decided to bring it back to the wood around the box and start again. There are no cracks or any damage in the wood.

Does anyone have any advice/tricks or tips on applying the fibreglass tape and epoxy in this tricky spot and making a neat finish? I have cleaned it and filled the cracks nicely with an epoxy filler.


Sounds to me that you have taken the right steps. Did you clean up the junction of the dagger board box on the underside of the hull?
To finish, I would put a good wet coating of West Epoxy or any good marine two part epoxy where you want to lay in the fiberglass tape. Using protective gloves, push in the tape so that it is tight against the wood and then lather in another layer of epoxy on top of the fiber glass making sure the fiberglass is well soaked with the epoxy and once again ensuring that it is tight against the wood. Do this both on the top and underside of the hull. When doing it on the underside make sure it is really tight against the wood when you lap the fiber glass around and into the slot, otherwise you will end up having too narrow a slot for the dagger board to get through.

Let us know how you make out.


Hi Pete,

I cleaned up everything around the daggerboard box on the underside of hull down to the timber and used an epoxy filler in any small cracks or cavities and rounded all of the edges. Using advice from the Wooden Boat forum, I cut the fibreglass on the bias (45 degrees) to fit it into the tight corners. I'm using West, so wet down the job, then soaked the fibreglass shoving and smoothing as I went like you said - worked better than I expected. Now waiting for it all to cure so I can make sure it's all worked.
Thanks for your help!

How did it all end up after curing? Well I hope. Did you seal it also from the underside of the hull?


Hey Pete,

It went really well - a really beautiful smooth finish - we have had some bad weather here in Australia so I haven't been able to do much, but I am really happy with the progress so far. Loving working on the boat, but can't wait to get back on the water.