To tow a Mirror after a sailboat?

Experinces from towing a Mirror after a sailboat? I actually bought the Mirror with that purpose. Nice for the kids to sail around in the evening and fun for us adults to explore some narrow shallow waters. We live at the coast at the Stockholm archipelago, so it's fairly flat waters. Many great ideas can go wrong on minor details...


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I've no idea how the boat tows unmanned, but on the first "JollenFlottille" messabout (2010) we had no wind on the evening of the first day and ended up with the "motorized" participants towing us home.
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See for the whole story.

However I do know that you should not put the centreboard down or the boat will veer from side to side when being towed if you do. I suspect that keeping the rudder half down with the tiller tied in "dead-ahead" positon will help keep the boat lined up with the towing vessel.

Have an enjoyable season and send som pictures!

Gernot H.

In addition to what Gernot wrote, I believe it is best to attach the painter (towing rope) to the bottom of the mast and not to the bow. At least that is what I have been told by the more experienced sailors in our club (OMDA) I have seen the Mirror towed unmanned in this manner and it worked out quite well.

Mirrorpete and others, have you seen if towed mirrors use any collar or something else for protecting (1) the mirror from other boats (2) other boats from the mirror? I guess that something going the full way around is needed. It's all kind of harbours I think of, you stop the boat you are towing with and the Mirror continues a bit or is moved by the wind and then moves into your boat or other boats.

I have an idea about using pipe isolation (PE-plastic) on an hard plastic pipe for electrical cables.


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I have no additional protection. The Mirror is so light that the bumps are not very hard. I suppose you could screw on commercially available rubber strips, or lengths of plastic garden hose.
The outer wooden gunwale rail has been adequate, but then I don't get towed very often. I do have two small inflated fenders aboard for mooring, though.

Gernot H.

I have never seen fender protection on towed Mirrors.