Pakwaci to the beach

I took Pakwaci out this afternoon for a couple of hours.

A better wind today to do some more strenuous sea trials. A steady 8 - 10 Kts, gusting 15 kts. I set off from the slip under 'main' only and once out of the shelter of the pier quickly built speed heading almost due West. I had half an idea to sail out into the Sound of Sleat, but thought some more local trials would suffice...

The North shore of our bay can be quite fluky with wind coming down two small valley's. So one minute I'd be hanging over the gunnel and the next quickly centering my weight inboard..! In the shelter of the point I was able to make a few short tacks upwind to a small sand beach, where I landed to have a snack and take some photo's (all on old school film - I'll post once they are developed). I raised the Jib for the return journey.

In leaving the beach I got caught by the wind and had the Kicking Strap catch up on the daggerboard. This was fine except the torque prised apart the old glue joint between the case side and the fore vertical section. Not quite a catastrophe, enough to let in more water, but not too much and been close to home (approx 3km) i was able to have a fast sail back on a Beam Reach. Arriving at the slip with around 100mm of water in the cockpit from the leak.

I am now drying out back in the shed. And will have some epoxying to do over the weekend. My plan is to clean out as much of the joint as I can without dismantling the case. The wood is is all solid. Just the old glue and maybe the nails that have given way. Once clean I will open the join up a bit more so that I can squeeze in some thickened epoxy and then either screw or through bolt the top of the case to add some strength at that point..? I also found the source of the very slight leak from the 1st sea trial. It is along the bottom seam of the daggerboard case sides and the timber where it joins the floor of the cockpit, so a smear of epoxy along that should limit or cure that issue.

Overall I was pleased to get on the water in a better wind. Pleased at how stable the hull is in waves and swell. Pleased with how, relatively, the hull is under Main alone. I will need to get more familiar though with how far off the wind it points under main only. Overall a nice sail in typical conditions for our loch.

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Hi Matt
The boat sails well with mainsail alone, even with the mast in the aft position. In theory, a single sail will point higher than two sails.
In my case I can slab reef the jib, and I think that a scrap of jib like this brings the boat to life. I think Cliff also finds the same, and has a small storm jib.
In stronger winds, I find full jib and reefed mainsail are a wonderful combination.

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Thank you David. My 'Gunter' Main has no reefing points currently and the Jib also has none. I'm not sure the current sails are worth spending time or money on to put in a reefing system. I will probably have new sails made next year instead.

I'm looking forward to experimenting in these waters.

Although I am repurposing some of the equipment I already have, there are some missing items that I should really consider getting if I am to sail further afield in this area. I'm also reluctant to keep spending loads of money that I don't really have...

I've now fixed the daggerboard case. A sand between the surfaces then some thickened epoxy spread along the joint, before clamping overnight. The case was glued and stapled originally... I also put a fillet of epoxy along the base of the daggerboard case side panels and timber battens at floor level. All now sanded and sealed. To add some piece of mind I also put in a couple of screws at the top leading edge of the daggerboard case, I may also put in some more down that leading edge at some point.