Please add my Mirror..


Hi, I'm a new member to the forum. Please add my Mirror to the roll call, details as follows:

Hull number: 2923
Boat name: Minty
Country: Australia
Helm/owner: Campbell Shaw
Town: Melbourne
Comments: Purchased by me in about 1994; I know nothing of previous history. Minor repairs and improvements made over the years. In pretty good nick for an old girl! A cruiser, not a racer..

Kind regards,


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Glad to have you here, I'll certainly add your data to the roll call. There are quite a few Mirror sailors in Melbourne, I believe, and cruising is definitely one of the activities they follow (see ).
Gernot H.

Thanks Gernot. There's a new Facebook group started up dedicated to dinghy cruising in Port Philip Bay, which is where I found out about this forum. You are right- a few mirrors active.

Regards Campbell.