Another one in the USA - almost finished but for sale


Thanks to the grapevine on Facebook, I have been made aware of this offer: .

The seller writes, but does not include the hull number, as follows:
Mirror Dinghy 2-Person Sailboat. This is a British sailboat kit that my father began making. It is almost finished - just needs sanding and wood finish (or paint). It has been stored in my Dad's garage for several years. The seams still look excellent. We have all the pieces - main boat, mast, sail, rudder, oars, oarlocks...instructions. $500. The boat is in State College.
Details -

do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

The photos show a very neatly assembled kit.
Mirror for sale in Pennsylvania
Gernot H.

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The new owner Samuel J Maggio shared his first post on Facebook today. Quote:
I just bought a Mirror Dinghy from craigslist. It was 85% built and has been in a garage since 1972. It is #20609. I am beyond excited! I feel like I am on top of the world: I just got 20609 and it has never seen the water! The builder was meticulous with the build, really top craftsmanship and I believe all the parts are here to finish her and get her in the water after about 50 years of waiting. She has been so patient! I am guessing based on the number she was sold (the KIT) in the 1960's around 68.<<<
He goes on to add:
>>> It is like a time capsule. The original builder had a lot of notes and correspondence about this build. Everything is packed neatly in paper sacks and envelopes. This is so cool! However, I must say, the instruction booklet from the 1960's seems to me to be less than well presented.
The person who built this to about 85% completion in about 1971 was a Mr Carl Bauer of State College PA. I also assume he imported it. Based on the number 20609, what year was that kit made?
Mr Carl Bauer passed away earlier this year and I bought it from his heirs.<<<

I'll urge Samuel J Maggio to join the forum and hope he keeps us informed.

Gernot H.

Yes I have joined and yes I am ecstatic to be part of this forum and to have found this boat like a time capsule sitting in a garage for 50 years waiting to be completed. This boat has had quite a journey... as I have. And today it is settled. Her name is "Patience".

Samuel, Almost fifty years ago, with a small group of students, we built a Mirror Dinghy and sailed it on Lake Bala, North Wales. The wind was strong and the boat, named 'Budgie' was crewed by three heavy males, Paul, Chrissy and me. The downwind leg took less than fifteen minutes. The beat back to camp took just over three hours. There was an unusual noise - a fast vibration, then silence. I noticed small black shapes speeding aft. These proved to be the sail numbers blowing away. A month later we three were at Bell Woodworking to buy another Mirror Dinghy kit. Paul told the salesman we had previously built and sailed a Mirror. The gentleman asked if we had sailed in stronger winds and laughed when Chrissy told him about the sail numbers blowing away. He seemed to think Chrissy was kidding. The salesman said the only wind stronger than that would be the wind that blows the paint off! He reconsidered his position when Paul added to our purchase a set of replacement sail numbers for 'Budgie'.

'Patience' will show you why Mirror Dinghies are so well regarded in her own ways.


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Hello Christo, thanks for the anecdote.
We need more lightheartedness like this in times when competition and one-up-manship seem to dominate the scene.
Happy New Year !
Gernot H.