Back on the water.

Hi All,
My Mirror was back on the water after 12 year break.

Hopefully I will get the sails up in the next few days.

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She looks really sweet.
Are the buckets on the jetty intended as "social distancing" markers?
Have fun sailing her!
Gernot H.

Hi Gernot,
I thought the same when I first saw them. They are for keeping the Geese off the jetties and pooping, something to do with breaking there line of site. It hasn't stopped it completely but they say it is a vast improvement.

I certainly will have fun, I am looking forward to feeling what it is like moving under wind power.
Are you back on the water yet?

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We have quite a population of honkers (Canada geese, an introduced species that have spread all over Germany) and this year, for the first time, two families of grey geese have stayed near our lake and raised their young, instead of flying further North. The latter are no problem, but the honkers aren't afraid of anyting and graze on our waterfront. Their droppings are quite a nuisance although, I suppose, they also fertilise the grass. Our jetties are steel gratings and the geese don't like that (nor do I).
My Mirror is still waiting for a paint job (the present one is 7+ years old), but we got the "big" boat in the water on the 19th of April, almost as soon as we were allowed to. I've only been sailing once, though. Too many other things to be taken care of.
Stepping the mast


I have not sailed yet but it was great to have a row around the lake. :-))

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Looks as if you are having good weather, at least.
Stay healthy ... boating helps!
;-{) Gernot H.