Another for the roll call


Please add our latest aqcuisition to the the roll call. We're looking forward to some family adventures with her.
HULL NO: 62720
HELM/OWNER: John + Jennifer Renshaw
CREW: W. Renshaw
CLUB/TOWN: Ulley Sailing Club, Yorkshire
REMARKS/COMMENTS: Named by the previous owner. Prior to that she was based in Yorkshire after being a Boys Brigade boat for an unknown period of time.

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Hello Jennifer and John!
This is a wonderful example of how I like a Mirror to be reported.
When you do have some family adventures with your boat (hopefully only pleasant adventures), feel free to let us share your experiences. We have set up the "Stories, accounts and reports" section just for that.
Gernot H.

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Hello Gernot,
Thanks for the warm welcome! She is home for some winter maintenance as this can be done in small chunks on my lunch break.
I have been looking through the many useful technical/maintenance items on the forum which is most helpful. Forums are so much better than facebook groups for finding and grouping information like this. Thanks for running it, keep up the good work!



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I've got a moment to spare and am adding your data. Someone has sent me a list of their club's Mirrors, so I think the roll call will top the 1k mark this month!
Much success with your maintenance work.
After stripping the paint off "Puffin" and priming her, I am still debating on the new livery, so I'll settle for sailing our "big" boat for what's left of the season.
Gernot H.