48179 + ?


I bought 48179 in the summer of 2018 from a man who had only owned it for a couple of months. According to the seller, the dinghy was originally built in Fjällbacka on the swedish coast close to the Norwegian border. The dinghy had been in nearby Hamburgsund for many years. I have since relocated the boat to the Baltic sea close to Norrtälje. 48179 is sailable, but not in mint condition.

I also have another mirror dinghy, which is in much worse shape - I am not sure it will ever sail again. However I have some suitable plywood to replace the rotted and cracked bits with, so maybe one day... I do not know the number on the hull, and am not certain I can find it considering the state of the transom... But if I do I will add it to the roll call.

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Hello Per,
welcome to the forum. I'm happy to hear that some more of the Swedish Mirrors have survived!
After all, there were Swedish competitors in former championship events, so there must have been some kind of class association.
Have you seen the video by "cometomicke" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0vhbOakxW0&t=448s)?
Gernot H.

Thank you, I believe there was a class association many years ago, but no more.
Yes, I have seen the cometomicke video before - I looked at many different videos when I wanted to learn how to set it up before learning to sail it.

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I think "cometomicke" had mentioned that he is halfheartedly trying to sell his boat.