Attaching Keel bands

I have always had problems securing the brass keel bands on my Mirror. The screws often leak.
Now I am trying Butyl Tape as way of securing the keel bands. I have just one or two screws in locations where it will not leak. It looks very good but not tried afloat yet. Butyl tape is used to secure windscreens in cars and for fixing plastic trim. It stays sticky for ever, although it is clean to handle, and is also used for water proofing deck hardware fixings.

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I am using butyl tape for almost everything on my boats for the last 15+ years. if done properly, never ever would the fitting leak. What is important is to countersink the fastener hole in the hull - under the fitting - so when you tighten up, there is a cavity for the butyl tape to fill around the fastener. otherwise most of it is driven out. I have some good documents on the subject let me know if you want me to send it to you by email. Not sure if and how to post it here. I still did not start working on my Mirror, there is a lot I need to do before the next sailing/trip.
Also - I am considering gluing (epoxy) some hardwood strips inside the hull on places where keel bands are placed. This way I can use a bit longer screws as well.

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Thanks for the tip about countersinking. I have used the tape as an adhesive for the keel band, with just occasional screws to hold it.