40670 started construction in 2021


We bought a kit that had been in storage since 1985. My sons and I are building it. They learned to sail last summer with a very old Jet Wind Styrofoam dinghy. Hopefully this summer we can have a much classier Mirror!

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Well done, a great Summer ahead.

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Hello and welcome a-online.
Are you in the USA?
Just lately there have been several reports of "new" kits in storage or semi-finished builds. How interesting to hear about your experience. I assume you'll check the condition of the resin and othe chemicals before using them on the boat.
Shall I hold back the entry in the roll call until you have finished?
Have a wonderful Christmas and all the best for 2022.
Gernot H.

The resin and glue were dried out, so I got RAKA epoxy. Yes, I'm in the USA. The original owner lived in the Cleveland, Ohio area and had a bunch of old Mirror Class rigatta and club information from the 70s which is fun to look through. He is elderly and his daughter asked for me to send a picture when we get the boat finished. We can enter the roll call when the boat is named/finished.

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That sounds like a great project!
Happy Christmas and much success with the project in 2022. Keep safe and good health!