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Hi there - Many many moons ago I learnt to sail in a Mirror on Crosby Marina near Liverpool docks. Since then I've been sailing a Laser and until recently a Graduate which I sailed with my wife. However a move of job meant a change of club and the slope from the water at our new club meant that the Graduate was a bit heavy to handle with comfort. I have a dodgy back so we sold the Graduate a few months ago.

I've been on the lookout for a GRP Mirror as I don't have time to maintain wooden boats these days and our garage is full of motorbikes. At a working party recently I met a club member thinking of selling his GRP Mirror, which is in lovely condition. So I'm a happy chap.

It is frustrating to bring it home when the weather is turning colder but with any luck we may get it out before too long.

It is a Bell boat which I know some sources say can be heavy but it feels pretty light to me, or maybe that's just in comparison to the Graduate. Two small jobs that need doing are a bit of repair work on the launch trolley and to rub down the thwart and give it a fresh coat of expoxy.

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Welcome a-online, Taurus!
It's good to hear that some folks who started out on Mirrors and have since owned and/or sailed other boats are returning to the roots, so to say. I have seen quite a few boats going up for sale as my age group starts having difficulties in small boats. Another aspect, of course, is that in some cases the size of the family outgrows the capacity of a Mirror. When this happened to us, we were fortunate enough to be able to keep the Mirror as my personal toy while the family preferred to use the 5,20 m long daysailer we acquired at some point.
There are one or two other forumites who hail from the Liverpool area.
Would you like the boat entered in the roll call, and if so, with your forum user name or with your full name?
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Hi Gernot

Yes please add Jam Tart to the roll call. My full name is Paul Dawson so use that.