Mirror Dinghy Class Rules

The web site of the international sailing associations federation has been redesigned so that the class rules have now been moved.
To access the Mirror dinghy class rules quickly, first click here, or if you don't trust us, type "https://www.sailing.org/classes/mirror/#Documents" in your browser address line.
This opens a list of rule documents. All of these are PDF files that can be read on-line (if your browser supports this) and downloaded for off-line reading.
The answers to many questions regarding materials and dimensions can be found by studying the respective sections of the rules.

Gernot H.

I am the new skipper of #20568 and Wonders:
On my boat the two rub rails underneath the hull are cut across at 90 degrees.
Is it contradicting the rooles to run them Down to 45 degrees to prevent the edges to be run off on handling the boat?
Ole "Baadsen" Madsen, Denmark.

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Page 8 of the latest class rules:
"1.4.9 The bilge keels shall conform with the diagram. They shall be not less than 13mm in width
and not less than 9mm depth for a length of not less than 915mm. "
I assume that you may change the cross-section of these along all parts beyond the 915 mm limit. I have rounded mine at the front and faired the ends anyway.
Ole: do you intend to race in serious competition in the future? I wasn't aware that there was still an active Mirror movement in Denmark any more. For fun regattas, cruising and messing about in boats, I wouldn't bother too much about rule conformity.
Gernot H.
P.S. this year's "JollenFlottille" Baltic section meeting is on the Schlei in Schleswig-Holstein. The venue is Jugendherberge (youth hostel) in Borgwedel, sailing days are 30 May to 1 June.
See : https://www.segeln-forum.de/board9-news/board10-termine/37280-jollenflot...

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As the sailing.org web site has been redesigned, the boat classes pages have been moved. The new address for all Mirror dinghy documents is : https://www.sailing.org/classes/mirror/#Documents .
I'll change the links pages as best I can.
Gernot H.