Hi everybody ! Mirror 53411 in Berlin

Great to have come across this forum. I am a Berlin owner of my M53411 dinghy, a 1976 Bell built wooden vessel, bought in Coventry (UK) in 1986. Most of the time it has been stored in my garage near the Wannsee lake in Berlin-Spandau. To my greatest surprise a couple of days ago I met Gernot, the forum admin, in my old school where I passed my A-levels 51 years ago. I never would have thought to meet an owner of a Mirror in Berlin. It was a wonderful surprise and I am glad to use this forum for different purposes.
Best wishes,


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Gernot H.

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We rigged up 53411 today and I sailed her up and down the bay a few times:
Ell Tea 1

Ell Tea 2

Ell Tea 3
after that, Hanns and I took "Puffin" around the islands.
Weather could have been a bit warmer, though.

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M53411 was sold that year and I hope she is still sailing!
I made a short video of the test event.

Gernot H.